Sunday, April 02, 2006

Boys will be girls

E4 have got a new show preniering, "Boys Will Be Girls" in which they get a bunch of washed up boyband members still desperate for fame, and persuade them to become a girlband. They'll then have to fool a studio audience.

But the big question I have is "Is this a semi-serious look at fame, gender, and desperation?" or (more likely) "Is this a Space-Cadets style prank meant to make guillable and desperate has-beens look foolish on TV?"

I'm hoping the former...

Press release reads as follows

In this brand new entertainment show, former 80's pop star Nathan Moore, who was once in bands World's Apart and Brother's Beyond, teams up with music industry guru and former head of A&R at Sony International Olivier Bezardi to try to pull off one of the most bizarre and funniest stunts in pop history: passing off a bunch of male ex pop-band members as a brand new girl band.

The road to pop fame is littered with casualties but how far will a fallen boy band star go to be famous again? Will the boys be desperate enough to act like girls, perform like girls and, of course, dress like girls in their quest to reclaim their former celebrity status?

In the first episode, Nathan and Olivier raid the industry scrapheap and invite suitable - and hopefully willing - boys to audition. As the lads give it their all, it becomes obvious how hungry they are for another bite at the pop cherry. But the boys have no idea about Olivier and Nathan's audacious plan. Finally they shortlist the four boys they want. But will the boys want to be in their band?