Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*Blows the dust away*

Time for an update I think.

The blog hasn't seen much action recently because I haven't done anything I'd regard as noteworthy. The poor weather, the general malaise, and apathy have meant I haven't been out much. And even when I have the events have been such that if you weren't there, there is little interest in hearing about it.

Sadly I'm not sure when this will change. Hopefully when we see the sun again!

One thing that has been going well is the relationship front. K and I are getting on well. We went to see Sherlock Holmes and then have a meal for Valentines day (we both enoyed the film, and the food was good too), went to a LGBT month talk about censorship and homosexuality in Sailor Moon, and have made more than a few shopping trips together since we hooked up in November.

I think it helps that we have some shared interests (gaming and anime) and some interests not shared by the other (she loves cooking TV shows and I don't. I love to read novels, ad she doesn't). It also helps that she met Pandora before we started dating.

She takes great joy in pointing out things "Pandora would like" when shopping. Although I think she sees me as tartier than I actually am! We also enjoy laughing the "hooker shoes" that seem to be in every shoe shop right now (leopard print 5" heels, patent pink stillettoes, etc)

I've even met the parents but she hasn't met my family yet. I'm still referred to as a "friend", but I think her parents are smart enough to realise the situation. I suspect they are letting her tell them in her own time :)

We shall see where things go from here.