Saturday, April 19, 2008


I tend to collect good advice, and spread it around when I can (although whether I listen to my own advice is debatable).

One such piece of advice is "Remember the compliments and forget the insults." Its a good one. Any time you are feeling down, or have been insulted it helps to remember that someone said you were funny, or pretty, or a good dancer.

I managed to get high praise indeed a few weeks ago (see Pandora 2.0. But another compliment, and ego-boost, has come out of that evening. One of the birthday girl's close friends is getting married in a few weeks time, and after meeting me as Pandora for the first time, has invited me to her hen night!

Fortunately its not going to be Ann Summers and strippers, but there will be drinking and dancing, and she might end the night handcuffed to a blow up doll ;-)

I've still got some time to think about it, consider the logistics, and make a definite decision, but I'm really looking forward to it. So much so, I've bought a new top and changed my hairstyle (pics to follow... maybe)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

"... I can sleep all day."

Internet meme doing the rounds:

bedroom toys
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