Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Fluffy Clouds

Stephanie has introduced me to a cool new online toy! Wordle is a nifty little application that makes a word cloud of a bunch of text, or a website, or blog etc.

And for those not in the know, that's a visual display of the most common words sized by occurrence.

Pandora's Hideaway looks something like this:

(Click for bigger)

The key words seem to be "funny", "updates", "pictures". "Outfit", "genre" and "tranny" are quite popular too!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The (un)Official List of Tranny Cliches

Inspired by some chat over on Rachel's blog, I thought I'd have a go at compiling a list myself.

So lets have a think (and feel fee to suggest more)
  • Maid/Waitress
  • Nurse
  • Schoolgirl
  • Secretary/Businesswoman
  • Bride
  • Tart/streetwalker
  • Policewoman
  • Dominatrix
  • Can-can/Moulin Rouge dancer
  • Wonder Woman (or other super heroine)
  • Air Hostess*
  • Geisha
  • Lingerie
  • Any outfit showing stocking tops
  • Any outfit showing cleavage
  • Any outfit involving a greyhound skirt
I've done eight out of fifteen, which isn't bad..

For fun here's some general photography tranny cliches. And I'm not suggesting any of these are bad, just recurring themes in the community.
  • MySpace angle
  • Hotel room (bonus points for including the door, or being at a Travelodge)
  • Picture including a radiator
  • Picture with a fellow tranny
  • Posed on the stairs/landing*
  • Posed at home, extremely cropped picture*
  • Posed at home with background blurred or removed**
  • Posed at home with curtains closed and lights off*
  • All full-length shots*
  • Photo taken looking down at shoes*
  • Photo taken in the mirror
  • Blurry nightclub picture
  • Dressing service picture
  • Cartoon avatar (Simpsons, Zwinky, Meez etc)
  • Photo of clothes
  • Photo of make up containers
  • Photo of hotel room swamped in clothes and accessories
And finally, the tranny no-nos
  • Claiming a picture of a real girl as yourself
  • Claiming a picture of another T-Girl as yourself
  • Full-length photo with face blurred/obscured
  • Photoshopping your head on another body
  • As above and adding a fake teardrop tattoo
  • Photoshoping yourself into another location/background*
  • Having a favourites list of T-Girl lingerie shots with no pictures of your own
  • As above and not having a avatar :|
  • Only having photographs featuring your genitals poking out of underwear
  • Commenting a real girl's ability to pass as female***
  • Presuming everyone on Flickr is a tranny*
So what have I missed?

*= Thanks Steph
**= Thanks Lynn
***= Thanks Lucy