Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Let Love Be Your Energy"

I've been in quite a chipper mood recetly (Hi K x), so I thought I'd share the mood by digging out another music video that makes me happy.

Robbie Williams' "Let Love Be Your Energy" is quite an upbeat song, with a nice dip just before the end, followed by a triumphant key change with fanfare at the end. The video, mainly an animated Robbie running, is also quite amusing as he dallies with a number ladies before finding the right one for him.

And those of you in the UK and USA that have seen the video probably chuckled at the very twee ending that is subverted in the last few seconds by an eagle.

If you haven't, you can watch it here. Go watch it before you carry on reading. I'll be right here ;)

Back again? Good wasn't it?

Now imagine my surprise when I found a version labelled "uncensored plus out-takes".

The ending is completely different! Instead of running up the mountain, embracing, and plummeting to a heart shaped spalt, Robbie and his dream girl strip off, and embrace naked to a background of erupting volcanoes (very subtle lads!).

And the out-takes at the end are very funny (and quite painful!) Take a look:

CAUTION! Contains animated dangly bits, and a few rude words!