Sunday, January 27, 2008

And then up comes Zafo

And I'm like, "Yo, Zafo. What's up?"
And he's like, "Nothin'"
And I'm like, "That's cool."

My blog's been a bit silent this last month. The main reason is because I haven't been doing much of note. I've been spending far too much time playing Travian, and Dope Wars.

I might be getting some Pandora-time next month when my friend hosts a goth-party. Some of the attendees will be ex-workmates. Some are friends, some are "people I know". It'll be the first time any of them have met Pandora and since I don't have to see them regularly any more I'm not worried if any are less than supportive. Should e fun though. And pictures will appear on my Flickr is I get any good ones.

In other news, I'm still tabletop gaming and we're still having fun with SLA Industries. We've now got an agent and our first sponsors (Flying Jelly Attack Confectionery and Track Optics). My character, Horse the 313 stormer, and the other stormer in the group (Mojo, a 714) are also desperately trying to get their agent to blag tickets to the première of Johnny SLA: The Movie (a propaganda cartoon series they are worryingly obsessed with!) Its very refreshing to play a character who believes every bit of propaganda and spin he is fed. Horse and Mojo get a lot of laughs by playing it completely straight-faced!

And finally; the Lock and Load Battle of the Bands has been postponed until summer. So no regular gigs for a while then. Bum!


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