Tuesday, December 13, 2005

To parents...

Please think before naming your children. Giving your children stupid names
should be classed as a minor form of child abuse.

1) If you give your child a 'classy' name like Chardonnay or Chantelle, please
check the spelling.

2) Do not give the child the same name as either parent. Junior is not a good
name for a child.

3) Do not give your child a similar sounding name to its siblings. Aqeeb and
Naqeeb are just too similar sounding.

4) Think about the initials. Don't saddle a kid with a name like B.J Giver, or
Philip Enus.

5) Think about the shortened forms (particularly Richard) Richard Head will
get called Dick. Victoria Vapours wil get called Vicks.


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