Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Do you know what you're applying for?

There's a job advert in my local paper today. It sounds really good -
challenging, dealing with people in difficult circumstances, gathering
information from a variety of sources, a good benefits package, and £13K a
year (not too bad for a basic office job in Norwich). The only catch is that
it's two late nights per week, and one Saturday in four.
In fact it sounds better than my job - working for a hated department in the
civil service (I'll give you a clue, until last week we were always scouring
our roof for men in batman costumes).
Until you realise it IS my job. Our department is so hated that we can't even
mention our name at the job advert stage for fear of scaring people off. And
if you've applied as a Jobseeker, you won't find out who you are applying for
until its too late to back out without losing your JSA!
So if you were tempted by the ad, ask for more information before you apply.
Who knows, I may even be wrong - but I doubt it. Caveat operae - Employee

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Becky said...

So I'm guessing you don't work for the Department of Giving People Sweeties and Ginger Ale then? :-)