Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cause and effect

At work we do a job that is subdivided into sections. Amazingly someone has only just realised that if you split the sections between different teams you can save on training. Both time and money.

Well technically it used to done that way. But some bright spark realised that if you train the staff to do the job start to finish, they can take ownership… blah blah blah. You know how organisations like to shake things about for no reason just to put something on the boss’s CV.

Anyhoo… Currently the first bit of the process (the easy bit) is being done by the newbies. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be up to the job. This means those of us doing the second section don’t have enough work, but still have to meet our trgets.

Common sense suggests taking a few of us and putting us on the newbies teams to either help out (most problems are not incredibly complex and can be solved by someone with a bit of familiarity with the system), or even to do some of the work ourselves to boost productivity.

I actually volunteered to help out without a bonus. (OK so there were the twin ulterior motives of getting away from our fascist overlord, and getting some easy work or a bit).

But no. The geniuses in charge decided to send the super-experienced veterans to help the newbies with their problems. And so to solve our problem of no work, they’ve given us the shitty work from another centre (which would be better cleared by those super-experienced veterans as we haven’t a clue what to do!)

Cue more people leaving and lower morale…

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