Friday, December 22, 2006

Things I Enjoyed in 2006

In no particular order.

  • Children of Men – Fantastic thriller with Clive Owen and Michael Caine. Strong cast, an inspired dystopian future, and a valuable lesson for today.

  • Fancy Dress Parties – The most fun you can have with someone else’s clothes on!

  • Animal Crossing: Wide World – The reason I bought a Nintendo DS, and the reason I’m happy when it rains.

  • Best friends – A cliché, but these are the people that kept me sane (You know who you are!)

  • FilmFour – for bringing me all the Studio Ghibli goodness I could handle.

  • CSI: New York – I’m a late-comer, but it’s still the only regular TV I watch. And I’m in love with “Montana”.

  • Sugar Rush 2 – Great show with a great cast. More please.

  • Lock and Load’s Battle of the Bands – Its encouraging seeing so much new local musical talent. And it’s the best night out you’ll have in Yarmouth during Spring/Summer.

  • That Mitchell and Webb Look – And in particular The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Dunderunderunderunderun…

  • The Norwich Playhouse – Great place for a quiet drink in the evening. And as it’s far off the beaten track you don’t get the usual Friday-night rent-a-mob.

  • We Love Katamari – If only I could get that catchy theme tune out of my head.

  • Dead Rising – As much as hate the Xbox, this is the best zombie game ever!

  • Nicola from Girls Aloud – my current lust object

  • Evans – as every big girl knows.

  • Wikipedia – Not always right, but always useful.

  • Kingdom of Loathing – Still playing this online roleplayer one year on. And there’s still new content being added.


Chrissy said...

Have I got to do a similar post ?! It could start a trend...

Pandora Caitiff said...

Well I nicked it from Richard Eichman. Dont know where he got the idea from!

Lets start a meme!