Thursday, January 25, 2007


Don't you hate it when people put ideas into your head?

I went to the opticians yesterday. I've never feared the optician before. Dentist? Yeah. Doctor? Sometimes. But never the optician. What is the worst they could say? You need stronger glasses? Woo! Big deal.

So why was my gut churning yesterday? Astigmatism.

All it means is that one of my eyes is more lemon-shaped than spherical. But I'd never heard it before. It's the first time anyone had mentioned it to me.

And then she had to mention the slightly increased risk of detached retinas. Thank you. Now I'm seeing floaters and getting a twinge in that eye. Nothing has changed since yesterday, but now I'm sensitive to any little change and I'm getting heartburn and nauseous feelings fearing the worst.

Oh well, at least I've got Transpocalypse to look forward to. Road trip for me and Mr Eichmann. And the telly says the snow is pretty much gone too. Cool!

And I've now got a much better reason for turning down bungee jumps.

See you all Saturday.

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