Saturday, June 23, 2007

Too fat to die

As a fatty this article from The Onion caused me to literally LOL.

Dr. Marjorie Reese, director of UCLA's Obesity Pathology Clinic says, "...the fact that obesity impedes suicide is truly troubling. It appears that the more reason people have to die, the less capable they are of doing so. They are literally trapped in their grotesque, blubbery bodies."

But she advises that losing weight to enable suicide has its own problems: "If they mistake their all-but-meaningless improvement for a legitimate reason to live, their fat, revolting lives may be prolonged indefinitely."



Richard Eichmann said...

Jesus, this article is hilarious. I haven't laughed like that in ages.

What's particularly ironic, is that one could argue that obesity itself can be a form of suicide, hence the term "morbidly obese".

If were in that posititon I wouldn't worry about getting my "meaty index finger through the trigger guard", I'd just keep noshing on the pies and cream buns until cardiac arrest or chronic diabetes eventually took hold.
Much more fun surely?

Mariana said...

I'm a fatty too. That article is hysterical! :D A great criticism of people's sanctimony re: obesity.