Saturday, October 04, 2008

"The nuts are complimentary"

Following on from my post on compliments (was it really as long ago as April? Eeek!) I'm going to postulate a theory:

If you want compliments (particularly as a tranny) find a group of really nice people, and get them drunk.

Last night I went out to my local gay-friendly venue for its karaoke night, and got one of the best compliments I have ever received, from a friend who had had quite a bit to drink.

My best friend Chrissy and her mates turned up half way through the evening, and Chrissy said that her brother and his new girlfriend were on their way too. I recently met her brother and we got on really well, so he was looking forward to meeting up again, and was interested to meet me as Pandora. I was also looking forward to meeting his girlfriend who was apparently "loud, American and a cosplayer".

When he finally arrived, Chrissy introduced him to me and all her other friends. Ever the gent, her brother kissed all the ladies present on the cheek and said hi. I was quite flattered that he was "playing along" and included me in with the ladies. Until he came back from the bar, shook my hand and said "We've actually met before haven't we?" :D

Later in the evening his girlfriend (who was exactly as described, but quite lovely) told me that while they were at the bar after doing introductions, he'd said that he was quite disappointed I wasn't there yet, and didn't know any of the girls he'd been introduced to!

Like I said earlier, he was rather tipsy by that point in the evening, but it still made me feel really good about myself.

(The title is from this joke if you were wondering)


Lynn Jones said...

LOL. Nice story.

I can almost hear the next generation of dinner party conversation: "Oh, but we have tranny friends too!" :-)

Shinigami Liz said...

Hmmm, that's a different spin from how I do things. I usually get myself drunk so everything sounds like a complement lol.

Pandora Caitiff said...

@Lynn - "Have you met the Enverités? Lovely couple, and such wonderful frocks!" :-)

@Liz - That works too. Although I prefer the feeling of smugness when other people witness the compliments