Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blue Rage!

Something that annoyed me the last two Christmases, and has now started to annoy me again is blue Christmas lights.

Seems fairly harmless enough. Just one of many colours of lights that people use for the large light displays on the front of their house, right?


There are two real problems with these blue lights, particularly when they are the only colour of light being used.

1) Emergency services
For some reason, these blue lights are the same blue as used by ambulances, police cars and fire engines. And if the house has any sort of obstruction outside streetlamps, trees or telegraph poles) the flicker of blue is just enough to add an extra thing to worry about when driving conditions are bad. Am I speeding? Do my lights work? Will I have to brake/swerve suddenly? etc...

2) My eyes!
The blue they have chosen also hurts my eyes. Its so far along the spectrum its bordering on UV and the frequency of light makes my eyes twitch. Grrr!

So in short, either dump these lights, or mix them with other colours to save my poor nerves and eyeballs!


Shinigami Liz said...

Just for you I'm am only going to use flashing red and blue lights. The sweet annoyance such a thing could cause had never actually occurred to me, and damned if I don't in on the bandwagon. Oh course noone in my neighborhhod will notice because we see those from the cops all the freaking time anyway, lol.

Lara Tyg said...

The BBC is making a series called "Grunpy old Trannies", I think someone needs to apply ..... :O)

Anyway I thought the lights were mostly all red down that neck of the docks ?

Pandora Caitiff said...

@Lara: Cheeky mare!

Grumpy Old Trannies just makes me picture Les Dawson :)

And there are no red lights round my way! We're very discreet and select ;-)