Thursday, January 01, 2009

One of those review of the year thingys

Cold wet and boring. Nothing much happened to me

Once again my car drains my bank balance, but February marks the first time I visited the Catherine Wheel, and the first time I atempted cybergoth as Pandora at least. I also rediscovered my love of karaoke.

Yet more "fun" with my car, a bit of model making and participation in Gillian's Flickr Tranny Day (including some bad 80s fashions!)

New hairstyle time! I had five or six inches cut off the end of my hair and started wearing my hair in an off-centre parting with a barrette.

A very busy month for me. Several birthday celebrations, including my own (where I revamped my cybergoth outfit), but the big event was going out with the girls on a hen night!

After May I needed some time to relax, so again a month with not much going on. Although I did get to see a promotional copy of the sci-fi machinima Clear Skies with one of the voice actors.

Also fairly quiet. I saw some live music in my hometown's music festival, and I mused about Tranny Cliches

If August was an episode of Friends, it would be called "The one with all the weddings". I went to three separate events and was let down at one, and shocked by sexism at another. I also spent a week housesitting and looking after a cat, which was fun, but reminded me why I don't have pets. It is far too much responsibility.

My car let me down again. This time it was the battery finally giving up the ghost. But thanks to supportive and knowledgeable relatives we managed to get the car roadworthy again in time for me to attend another karaoke night at The Wheel with my friends. I also became a god-parent, and had to give a reading in a catholic church.

This month I celebrated the end of my first year in my current job (and therefore the one year anniversary of leaving my old hateful job!) I also celebrated Halloween as a voodoo priestess, and did more karaoke.

In November I released Kill It With Fire, a little solo dice game. This is my first step on the path as an amateur games designer. I'm currently working on a card game, and I've signed up for an RPG design competition on

A month for ending and starting. I stated a course in Equality and Diversity for work (quite handy in the Trannisphere too!), and I ended the year with friends once again at The Wheel. Happy New Year girls!

Obviously a lot more than that happened, but that's what I'm willing to share with you lot! I wonder where 2009 will take me?


Lynn Jones said...

A busy year. I hope 2009 goes well for you.

ps: Good luck with the RPing!

LucyTolliday said...

Here's to the next year, hoping it all goes well, including the rp'ing and karaoke :)

Rachel said...

Best of luck with the RPG design stuff.

We must organise a worldwide tranny RPG/wargames event sometime :-)

(I've been considering setting up a Yahoo group for us for ages; maybe a little specialist, though :-) )

Pandora Caitiff said...

@Lynn: Cheers. All the best to you too!

@Lucy: Thanks. Hope you have a great year too

@Rachel: Thanks also. Set a group up anyhow. Or join The Wilde Side on RPGnet. A worldwide Trannygamer-con would be cool :)