Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm a f**king professional

I hate my customers.

Because of professionalism and our policies I have to say things like "No I'm sure you did", "I believe you sent the money in", "No I'm sure you're not just stalling."
What I want to say is "LIAR!", "I know you haven't sent the money", "stop stalling or I send in the bailiffs!"

They're not all like that, but you dont remember the good ones do you? That's because the good ones are quick, painless, and are over in a day or two, and the bastards hang around like a bad smell for months.

Breathe. Calm. Breathe. And relax...


Chrissy said...

I think I've worked out who your employer is... Does it begin with C? My commiserations!

You also really want to say, "Send us the money NOW... or in 5 seconds I release the Homing Flying Monkeys Of Doom, ..."

Pandora Caitiff said...

You'll be a detective yet!

I didn't even apply to work there, our entire building got bulk transferred, because NO-ONE wants to work there.

I think we're outsourcing the flying monkeys :) The whole platoon quit when some angry customer splashed water on their boss and she melted.

richard eichmann said...

I also want to shout things at our customers, but those things might be considered 'psychotic' by some and result in me being put on a register!