Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm Spartacus!

Score one for the bad guys. :(

The higher-ups at our organisation had to report to a Parliament Select Committee about problems with the way we work, and our IT. And what do you know, they lied and said everything was fine and the staff were to blame.

The good guys got some publically available data and presented it to their MPs who then raised the matter in the Houses. Boy did the liars look silly!

Except that the two who did the whistleblowing got punished, and the liars got away scot free!
Some staff in the office they came from staged a mass walk out today (hooray). But sadly we couldn't do it. Many of us have been on the receiving end of victimisation, and they're ust looking for an excuse.

If the union says "all out", then I'm but, but sadly I can't support a wildcat. Which is a shame, because I'm al for it in theory, its just a bit tricky in practice with the really crap job market right now.

I'm not Spartacus, honest!

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