Thursday, November 16, 2006

Singles Life

Back in the day there used to be three bus companies in this town. The Blue Buses were subsidised by the council and were fairly clean and fairly efficient. Eastern Counties were private run, served the outlying villages, but I always tought hey were a bit seedy, and then there was the mavericks of The Flying Banana. Shoddy, but incredibly cheap, and again they also served the sticks. And you could play bingo on them when they first started operating (yes really).

When Eastern Counties drove the Blue Buses out, and bought out the Flying Banana, they pretty much had the monoply so could dictate how local bussing was run, so when they recently announced they were stopping return tickets and only selling singles "for our customers convenience" no one batted an eyelid. It didnt even make the local press.

So I was incredibly shocked to find Central Trains doing the same, and then the girl at the train station said "everyone's doing it".

Do they really have that much contempt for the traveller, or is there really no competition to keep them in check. Or, conspiracy theory time, is it part of some grand Illuminati scheme to destroy public transport?

As a result I have to wait till Central sorts out their ticket structure before I can book my tickets to Transpocalypse.



Chrissy said...

My money's on the Illuminati... they have tentacles everywhere...

The same thing's happened here. Twenty years ago, we had a decent bus system. Well all right, it was crap, but it was cheap and crap and got you places.
Now? If you want to go anywhere, you have to go to Hanley (a place that, if not the arsehole of the world, then at least within farting distance) first to change.
And because the bus company was smart, it killed off any competition first.

And as for the rail companies... pass the shotgun, Eugene...

When is Transpocalypse, BTW? I have next years' holidays to book...

Pandora Caitiff said...

Transpocalypse is Saturday January 27th 2007.
It got bounced due to a Liverpool home game!

Try the Liverpool City centre Travel lodge for rooms. Thats where I'm staying.