Thursday, March 01, 2007

Body Fascists

I went clothes shopping today. I thought I'd try out a few new places for my Pandora wardrobe.

Firstly I went to Primark. Cheap and cheerful, and I've heard good things about their range. Sadly most of the stock is bog standard stuff or hideous 70s prints. I did manage to find some gorgeous negligees in black and pink lace. Except they only go up to 16/18. I'm hardly huge, but my shoulders and ass requires a 20. I'll try somewhere else.

There's a George store in my local mall, except there seems to be a gap. I can find 18s and 22s but no sign of 20s. Maybe there's been a run of people annoyed with Primark.

Trying TK Maxx I give up immediately when I find "Extra Large" refers to size 16!

Despondent I give up on clothes shopping and shop for other things, although I did find a lovely bracelet in Claire's Accessories.

On the way home I stop into my regular Asda and find a cute pink chemise and a very sexy black basque and knicker set in my size. (The cup size claims to be a DD but oddly when I get home my falsies fit fine). And when I get to the till I find out they are half price, and they just haven't adjusted the ticket yet. Score!

Not sure when I'm going to get to wear the basque, but with detachable straps (shoulder and suspender) it might work as a sassy top with a short black skirt and my snakeskin jacket.


Lara Tyg said...

Odd... I naturally figured angry mobs with the burning torches & pitchforks would appear if I tried shopping in any where in Norfolk.
The senario of being thrown from the castle walls has often occured to me.

So it's more subtle they just hide the goods then.

Chrissy said...

As part of my schizophrenic existence, I run a market stall selling pitchforks and torches, flaming, for the use of...

Primark have some weird sizing, anyway; they do 6, 8, 10, 12/14, then 16/18. Why no 14/16? Bloody foreigners...

I can recommend the wearing of basques sans straps as outerwear (I have two!) however, make sure that you'll be in a warm place when you wear it, their thermal qualities being somewhat lacking (and a bad case of the goosebumps goes with nothing, dear)...

Anonymous said...

ASDA, Tesco - all the big multinationals, yep, they have clothing to fit even moi. New Look is worth a look as well and it is slightly more ethical than the other stores. REad this somewhere and would give you the reference but tis 3.30am and my brain isn't working properly. :-)