Sunday, May 27, 2007


Last night I went out to celebrate my birthday with a bunch of mates and Lucy. It was a fantastic night.

I *was* going to write up some of our adventures, and draw a discreet veil over someone staying the night...

Except that a few hours after I dropped her home I got a text saying she didn't think it was going to work and she was sorry.

I was surprisingly restrained and understanding in the text exchanges, but now that it is over I just feel numb and a little nauseous.

*sigh* I thought I had something really good here.


Chrissy J. said...

Oh shit... that explains the magpie I found standing on my doorstep, yesterday morning... wouldn't let me go across to the shop either, stroppy little thing.

It's one way to remember this particular birthday- me, if I was 'dropped' by text I don't think I'd be so restrained.

Happy birthday BTW, and next time, (cos there will be a next time) I'm gonna keep my gob shut.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Cheers babe.

I'm feeling OK today. Even the shittiness of a text-dump cannot spoil the memories of a really good night.

And besides my actual birthday is not for a few days and is already overshadowed by it being the same day as my gran's funeral. *sigh*

But now that I'm single I feel have problem making it known that Lucy has really bad timekeeping skills, is way neurotic, and snores like a fog-horn :p

Pandora Caitiff said...

Or even *I have no problem*

Not sure where my brain was at there...