Monday, July 23, 2007


This weekend Siobhan has been playing around with trying to look femme in a butch outfit (and succeeding very well BTW).

As a result I've been having a think about my look. I took some pictures this weekend, trying on outfits for a couple of parties I'm going to in a week or so. Yes they're fancy dress!

Annoyingly I've come to the conclusion that unless I make a concerted effort I look odd dressed as any gender.

As a bloke I look (and act) a bit camp. I think its more to do with being comfortable with myself and not caring enough to indulge in macho bullshit.

As a girl, mainly due to my build, I look a bit butch (see this extreme example). Although I do mostly act girly. Even more so when drunk...

Its not a big thing as some of the blokes (and quite a few of the girls) I hang around with are macho enough for both of us. Its just something I have to bear in mind when posing for pictures.

Update 24/07/07 - I just showed my Mum the picture above, and she said, "Oh wow! You look just like the Saturday girl who works in my shop." So I guess its not all bad after all.


Becky said...

I think the golden rule is "do what you like, be comfortable with it". From the way you write about yourself and your activities, that's obviously the case. :-)

Pandora Caitiff said...


I've said similar to others before. Its easy to forget it applies me too.

paganwitch said...

no matter how hard i try i just cant do the girly thing(whatever that is). so i agree just be yourself people will like u or not whatever u do or wear. be true to yourself.:)x