Saturday, July 21, 2007

Double Standards

I recently went to a fancy dress party as a saloon girl. All night I had young ladies coming up to me asking if they could feel my breasts.

Those under 18 were told "no." Those over 18 were told "Only if I can feel yours". Regardless of the answer all grabbed anyway, then covered their chest and backed off.

I wasn't particularly interested in any of these girls breasts, but I was mightily annoyed at their presumption - imagine the fuss if I had grabbed a girl's breasts after being told no!

Can we just have some consideration for other people's feelings and personal space please?

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Chrissy J. said...

It's happened to me a few times as well, by guys and girls; guys are more polite in asking and take no for an answer, though!

There's no easy answer(apart from squealing when they do it, and kicking their shins, hard... but what I do isn't right for everyone :o )