Sunday, March 16, 2008


Fighter launch, originally uploaded by PandoraCaitiff.

I've recently finished watching the second season of Batlestar Galactica on DVD. As well as making me sad, angry, jubilant and excited all at the same time, it also rekindled my interest in space battles.

As a result I dug out some cardboard space craft I had made a long time ago for Ground Zero Games' "Full Thrust" game. They were a bit ratty, and had crudely made stands, so I gave them a touch up with paint, gave them a light wash of black paint to show "battle damage", and then a white drybrush to highlight the edges.

Once I'd done that, I noticed that the fleet was a bit lacking in smaller support craft so sat down and designed, assembled and painted some more based on the same stylistic principles as the existing ships.

Finally I just had to create a few civilian ships and two Cylon-esque carriers for enemies.

My plan is to referee a game at my local club where the not-Cylons ambush a small fleet and have to cause as much damage as possible before the FTL drives come online and allow the fleet to jump away.

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Joggerblogger said...

Cool - I haven't done any gaming since middle earth (19+ years ago) 'was much fun. Model making is always cool though. BS looks cool, but I've not seen any yet apart from when I was funsized - I've still got all my figures my fav being daggit (he still looks sweet!) is it worth getting the new ones out from blockbusters?

Pandora Caitiff said...

The new series is phenomenal. But is not about space battles, or man vs machine.

Its about faith vs doubt; truth vs useful lies; trust vs betrayal; etc.

Rent the mini series. If you like that, then rent the full first series. Its slow, but its powerful.

Iván said...

Nice Fleet, I´m trying to use my star wars miniature spaceships with the "full thrust" rules.