Monday, March 03, 2008

New picture

Thanks to my friend Chrissy B I now have a better picture of my outfit.

I'm much happier with that picture. Its clearer, and you can see the whole outfit.

Anyone interested in making their own falls should check out the advice at MookyChick, a fantastic website for all us babes with attitude.


Ruela said...

goth look



Pandora Caitiff said...

Thanks Ruela.

I'll take compliments anywhere I can get them :-)

Chrissy J. said...

OMG how did I miss
a) this post
and b) this website???

Oh yeah, I remember, I was going mental.

Falls though, here I come... thinking neon blue tubing, maybe some UV-react white...

Pandora Caitiff said...

Cool. I will expect pictures on Flickr!

Ruela said...