Monday, February 16, 2009

Top Ten Search Keywords (Filler post)

Just for a laugh I thought I'd sign up with Google Analytics and see how people visit this blog.

The top ten keywords that have sent people here are:

  • gsoh - Well it was a recent post title
  • tranny list - I suppose that's my cliche list
  • pandora caitiff - that mostly me checking in from other PCs :)
  • "list of gender stereotypes" - that cliche list again
  • best disclaimer - LOL. I know what that is
  • can everyone stop getting shot - Somehow I think they're looking for Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • flickr tranny fakes - More Joanne's crusade than mine
  • geisha tranny - One entry on one list. I guess there's not many of these online
  • goth icons - That's a test I did
  • helicopter to this canadian hideaways - What? How? Who

    Shinigami Liz said...

    I shudder to think what my stats would end up being, probably demoness being number one on it. Oh well, maybe I'll find out for sure, MUHAHAHA.

    Lara Tyg said...

    One of my keywords turns out to be 'Poke a panda'.....I find it hard to explain that one.

    Lynn Jones said...

    helicopter to this canadian hideaways

    That'll be Wolverine. :-) No-one's that butch and burly all the time. :-P

    LucyTolliday said...

    I was suprised when your blog appeared when i was looking for transport to my north american home :)
    I don't have anything as odd, up untill i changed templates i had a line of code which instructed bots not to crawl.