Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Still not feeling chatty. But this made me laugh out loud:

It's even funnier if you imagine David Mitchell reading the caption.


kzNfuS8f0vDgbirZwh_I2_OuXwYk4BlyI8c- said...

Frickin frackin awesome! In my own sea of rage (it is bad enough right now that looking me in the eyes hurts your soul) that actually managed to draw a quick laugh out of me as well. Hope you get feeling better soon, I'd hate to see you end up like me (actually I just don't want anymore demoness competitors).

- Shinigami Liz, half-demoness, total gloom & doom bitch

Lara Tyg said...

:O) , that tickled me somewhere that shouldn't be tickled.

Lynn Jones said...
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Lynn Jones said...

Moggy a l'orange? :)