Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can haz qualifications?

Apologies for the lolspeak, but I now have confirmation that I passed my NCFE 2* in Equality and Diversity. An actual, physical, certificate is ETA unknown, but I am now qualified to stroke my chin and declare, "I think this may be discriminatory!" :)

I've also started the coursework on my NCFE 3 (Managing Diversity). This comes with the cheering news that our E+D head honcho is pushing for us to get some (financial) recognition for our extra duties. Yay for us!

I think I'll pass on throwing my weight around on TG forums claiming to know everything about discrimination/human rights though. I've learned enough to know its a very tricky subject, and that it's always a good idea to seek further guidance before stating something as fact!

*=equivalent to a GCSE or NVQ2


kzNfuS8f0vDgbirZwh_I2_OuXwYk4BlyI8c- said...

Sheesh, who needs facts when you have unjustified opinions!?! I miss the days when prejudice wan't even in the dictionary and if you tried to claim it was, then you got beat in the head with that very same book until you became illiterate. Um, on second thought, maybe it is the brain damage that is making me remember that in a better light than it sounds.

- Shinigami Liz,half-demoness & half, um, what was I saying???

Suomy Nona said...

Call me an oxymoron hunter, but... is it possible for a group of people to be simultaneously equal... and diverse?

Just wondering.

And you can haz lolcatspeak if you wantz. Iz flooent.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Not as daft as it seems Suomy.

Diversity is about recognising people are different, and that it is a good thing.

Equality is about making sure everyone has the same chance at life, even if that means treating them diferently. And despite what the Anti-PC brigade tell you, equality is about helping those that need it, NOT penalising those that dont.

Lynn Jones said...

Well done on the new qualifications. Does this mean you have letters after your name? :)

Pandora Caitiff said...

No letters yet. We'll see if the level three brings anything.

It looks unlikely. I've got level 3 NVQs in Business Admin and "Use and Support of Information Technology", and they didn't come with letters :(

I do have a nice business card reading "Equality and Diversity Adviser" though :)

LucyTolliday said...

Congratulations. Where would forum threads be without opinions claimed as facts ;)