Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome to Hell

As if our office wasn't already as much like a circle of hell, we've had our air-con break. Naturally when we called them they suggested opening windows in the mean time.

Unfortunately some brain-donor architect decided to make a building where the windows cannot be opened so as not to break the air-con.

Fantastic! Now we are stuck in a greenhouse, and because the building is East/West facing we have permanent sunlight. And because some idiot set up the desks wrong we have to have the blinds shut or we can't see our screens.

Which means the light is insufficient to see with, so the lights come on.

So to summarise:
Permanent sunlight through huge glass windows.
Insulating blinds.
Fluorescent lights.
Hundreds of computers and printers.
And a broken air-con

Mix this with a computer system that doesn't work, and excessive bureaucracy, and you have Hell!

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